Same Day Return:
Guests may leave and re-enter the park on the same day with a hand-stamp at the exit gate. Guests must pay for parking each time they leave the parking lot.

For your convenience, there is a picnic area, Sunset Point, located on the east side of the parking lot available on a “first-come” basis. Please feel free to use this area for dining outside of the park. No portable grills are permitted. It is the policy of The Beach that NO FOOD OR DRINK may be brought into the park. The only exception is commercially sealed baby food and formula in plastic containers. Individuals with special need/diet items due to a medical condition will be directed to First Aid for assistance. Those individuals must present a medic alert or other medical condition ID to First Aid personnel who will arrange for refrigerated storage of special need/diet items at the First Aid office. If individual does not have a medical ID, they may store their food items in the Guest Service office.

Traditional swimwear is required at The Beach. Children in diapers and those being toilet trained must wear approved swim pants in the water. No provocative or thong swimsuits, clothing with rivets, buckles, belts or metal ornaments. No long pants or cut-off shorts. No oversized or baggy clothing that cannot remain at or above the waistline without support. Failure to comply with any part of the dress code may result in ejection from the park without refund. The Beach has several high-impact rides. The Beach is not responsible for damaged or torn swimsuits.

Bag Checks:
For the safety of all our guests All Bags will be checked before entering the park. The Beach Waterpark reserves the right to check any bags that are inside the park.

Severe Weather and Rain Policy:
The Beach remains open during periods of rain; however, severe weather conditions may require that the pools temporarily close. Due to the inconvenience that is created for our guests during a pool closing or continuous 60 minute rain period or lightning, complimentary Good Any Day return tickets (Rain Checks) may be requested upon leaving the park. The following procedures must be observed in distributing Rain Checks: Tickets will be issued only after 60 minutes of forced pool & attraction closing of 60 minutes or more due to lightning or severe weather; tickets may be requested at Guest Relations and are only issued upon exiting the park; one ticket will be issued per person; tickets will be distributed for 15 minutes after the pools reopen. Season Pass members do not receive Rain Checks.

Guest Services:
Please visit The Boardwalk at The Beach for any guest service needs.  It is located behind the Season Pass building inside the park. The Boardwalk handles all guest Inquiries and comments about the park. Guests may also make change, get more park information including a park map, and area information (hotels, restaurants, and other attractions) at this location. If a member of your party is lost on your visit please have them meet at First Aid.

Paging Policy:
The Beach does not use the public address system for paging guests. Please report to First Aid for assistance. Lost Children/Parents: If a guest becomes lost from their group, they need to report to the First Aid Office for assistance. Please tell all members of your party that this will be the meeting place if a member becomes lost. Look for the large Shivers the Penguin Sign outside of this office.

Pets are not permitted inside The Beach. The only exception to this policy is an assistance pet, such as a seeing eye dog. Park Security should be notified to handle a guest’s request to enter the park with an assistance pet.

Guests are not permitted to take radios into the park.

Changing Rooms and showers are provided in the main restrooms.

Locker Rental:
Locker rentals are available at The Beach, but are not mandatory.

Smoking is permitted only in designated areas located throughout the park.

Height Restrictions:
A child must be at least 45″ in height to ride all innertube rides. Big Kahuna is a two-person tube ride. The maximum combined weight on Big Kahuna may not exceed 400 lbs. Big Kahuna and Riptide Racer require a height restriction of 48″. A child must be less than 54″ in height to enjoy Big Creek Beach. The State of Ohio for the safety and comfort of all our patrons establishes height policies.

Life Vests:
The Beach utilizes only Coast Guard approved flotation devices and are provided free outside of the First Aid Unit. Only Coast Guard approved personal devices are permitted to be brought into the park. Flotation devices are not permitted to be worn on any slide or attraction with the exception of Big Surf Wavepool, Kokomo Lazy River, and Paradise Cove.

The Beach employs certified lifeguards and public safety throughout the park. First Aid is staffed by trained EMT’s. It is recommended that you use sunscreen and drink plenty of fluids during your stay.

Some rides not recommended for those with heart conditions or back problems, or women who are pregnant. Failure to follow all rules and regulations can cause serious injury to you and others. State of Ohio Rider Responsibility Laws apply. Children 9 and under must be supervised at all times by a person 16 or older.

Information is subject to change without notice.

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